Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Because what I need is another hobby...

Soooooooo, I'm trying my hand at basket weaving right now. I got a kit over the holidays and that went rather well, a little wonky, but on the whole, quite basket-like.

So then i ordered in some more willow to try and have another go. That didn't go as well....the failed result is currently in the garden waiting to be burnt. But by then I just wanted to make a basket that day come what may, and we had been out earlier foraging for basket weaving materials of which there are many in the area (none of which I know what they are...)
Here's a lesson that probably goes for most crafting: DO NOT attempt to make something in anger and frustration. This is what you will be left with:

 The hideous wonky basket of doom


It's not pretty. or round. but it works!

I am trying to learn from my mistakes though, and have some different materials on the way now, hopefully I will get on better with those.

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  1. Practice makes perfect, keep it up and im sure you'll be an expert in no time.