Monday, 7 January 2013

Holiday knitting

I didn't of course just cook and run around after the cats picking up baubles: there was knitting to be done to all the musicals on telly!
I had saved one very special project to start on in the holidays: the quite mind-boggling Celestarium
There is currently a major KAL on ravelry for this shawl at the rate of 200 new messages a day, and I knew I had both the yarn and the beads for it in my stash!
The yarn is Wollmeise Lace in Old Blue Jeans, with some chunky silver beads, meaning that I can leave out the yarn-overs from the original pattern. Every single stitch in this shawl is charted, and I have reached chartS E, of which there are 4. Sello-taped together, they take up the width of our giant coffee table! Nonetheless, it's a perfectly easy knit as it is all stocking stich with the occasional bead to attach, and it is just stunning to watch it grow.

I also needed something demanding a bit less concentration, so I started reworking a Noro blanket I'd begun a few years ago and never got very far with as it consisted of large, dull, garter stitch squares. I was inspired by the Pop Blanket but too lazy to deal with the short row shaping, so I'm now doing centre-out squares in Noro Kureyon with a frame in Texere Troon Tweed that I have left over from my Sunrise Circle Jacket . I know both of these yarns will felt beautifully, so it should make a lovely proper blanket. This was my prototype, I have made a few more since then, and found some purple tweed from another project, so hopefully, this will turn out to be another entirely stash project!

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