Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Noro Blanket

Things have been a bit....everyday lately. Nothing dramatic one way or the other, just plodding along really.
Every couple of days we get a little glimpse of spring and all thoughts of knitting big warm sweaters go out the window, and then it goes back to grey and miserable and barely into double figures again. Which all in all makes it hard to know what to knit! I have a sweater amount of cotton yarn at my mothers house which I will only be able to recover next week for my big summer project, so in the meantime I'm spending a little time on a project I started back in the Christmas break: My Noro blanket.

It is made up of squares knitted in the round using random Noro Kureyon skeins I've picked up in various sales - Noro is a fun and interesting yarn to knit with, but rather expensive at full price for a quality that widely divides the knitting community. Kureyon is probably their most rough and ready yarn, but it felts beautifully, blending all those lovely colours into each other, and that is the idea at the base of my blanket. The squares are edged in Troon Tweed - a good, solid British tweed yarn that I have left over from a couple of sweaters I made years ago. I would probably have preferred to edge them all in the green, but I am trying to be frugal and stash-busting, so some of the squares will have purple edges instead as that is what I have at hand.


The blanket has actually turned out to be the perfect spring project: the
individual squares are small so don't feel to hot and itchy to handle in warmer weather, and I don't have to worry about finishing off a piece of warm clothing at the height of summer when I can't wear it :)

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